Happy Momma’s Day – Cherish these moments

Mother  IMG_0903 (2)

[muh-th-er] –noun

  1. One person who does the work of twenty. For free.

Some would like to say this is the definition of a mother. Yeah I get it Momm’n isn’t easy. Who ever said it was? Just as I was writing this blog I was interrupted to run a 3 year old to the bathroom – who is finally getting the concept of telling us she has to go (instead of trying to do it on her own and wetting her pants before she gets them down) – small victory!! Also, after helping the 3 year old I caught the 1 year old chewing on a crayon – for the 3rd time this week – literally where does he keep finding them! I’ve searched and they are all up! And changed a dirty diaper – these are all typical things. I like this definition better.


[muh-th-er] –verb

  1. to love, nourish, protect, teach, comfort, guide, nurture, support, embrace, cherish, reassure

These two moments in time my life was changed for ever – for the better – and I so happy to have these two in my life.


IMG_0881 (2)





Ali Pie March 2013

IMG_0882 (2)





Jakie J March 2015

This weekend was a busy one with Mother’s day included in there. We were lucky enough to be able to see both mine and Josh’s Mothers. Growing up I knew my mom loved me, however, you truly don’t understand the love of a mother until you are one. There are times I hold my little ones and think to myself can time just stand still and I think – gosh my mom probably said the same thing – and here I am 30, married, with two kids going through the steps of life. IMG_0871 (2)

I love watching my kids grow and the new things they learn. I have a constant battle with myself in wanting to freeze time and keep them little forever and wanting IMG_0888 (2)time to go faster so I can see the great people they’ll become. All the time people tell you to cherish these times its okay if your floors are sticky, windows dirty, toys every where because some day your house will be clean and no one there to mess it up. I embrace the mess (to a certain extent). I try to cherish every moment I have with these little stinkers.

I see a lot of people posting on social media about how frustrating their kids are etc. etc. and don’t get me wrong it is frustrating its not easy. However, when you struggle with infertility and have to fight for your baby it really puts everything in to perspective. I really try not to complain about the frustrating times because I wanted this so bad. (side note – I know I’m not perfect and sometimes I do express my frustration from time to time – but really do have to remind myself how lucky I am).

All my liIMG_0877 (2)fe I have thought of being a mom. I played with dollies probably longer than the average kid should have. I would wonder off in the store and mom would find me in the baby section instead of the toys section. I really longed for the day I could be a mother. I truly believe God created me to be a mother of many. I’m so glad he chose me to be a mother to little Ali and Jake (so far) and we will take any more he’d be happy to bless us with.

Shout out to my Momma we may not talk every day or see each other every day but I know we are always on your mind. I thank you for all the things you taught me in life and for being a mother first and a friend second. Thank you for all you do for us and continue to do for us I know I was certainly a pain in the butt growing up and sometimes hard to deal with. I know I have that coming back on me with my sassy Ms. Ali. I know sometimes you still wish you could stop time for just a moment to cherish those good times. Thanks for being a great momma and even better Grandma. Love you Mom!

So to end – Sometimes we just have to remember those cute things our kids do that make us smile and cherish those times – hold them to remember when they are being a terror.  Also remember our mom was on the receiving end of those cute little things when we were little. Remember you’ll always be your momma’s baby no matter how old you’ll be. Don’t get embarrassed or weirded out when your mom wants to show you affection or tell you they love you. Remember they still want time to stand still and cherish these times forever.

I hope you all had a great Mother’s day. To those people struggling to be a Mother I pray for you every day as I would never wish anyone to fight for their baby.

God Bless

xoxo – Christy
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Inside Out Birthday Bash!

Hey all!

I’m back at it! I’d like to say I was on hiatus recouping from the big birthday part I threw for the kids. 🙂 It’s nice to be back!

I wanted to share the great big birthday bash we threw for the kids! It was a lot of fun putting it all on, also a lot of work! 🙂 Ali and Jake recently started loving the movie ‘Inside Out’. What a cute movie that is – rent it if you haven’t seen it! This ended up being the perfect theme for my first boy / girl combined birthday party!! Since Ali and Jake’s birthdays are 4 days a part there is no reason to throw more than one party.

I tried to be super frugal when putting everything together from making my own birthday onsie for Jake to printing all the signs etc for the party its self! I even put together the wagon that Riley and Bing bong (her imaginary friend from the movie) fly to the moon on 🙂 The kid’s loved the wagon and it was a bit destroyed by the end of the party! That means they all had fun! I did take some of the ideas from pinterest! However I made everything on my own. Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed their day w/ the kids, brought something to share and gifts for the kids! We are so blessed to have such a big loving set of family and friends!

We did throw mini parties for the kid’s on their birthday where they opened gifts from mom and dad as well as had a sweet treat to enjoy. It was the start of a great tradition we’ll continue for both of their birthdays! Let’s just hope when we are ready for baby number 3 he or she comes in March so we can just add another to the mix! 🙂

Check out the slide show here of all the party craziness!

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Happy V-Day

Hey all!  I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!! Normally Josh and I pick and choose when we exchange gifts for any of the gift exchanging days. Well this time around we decided to do so. I think we both were super successful this year! I always second guess myself in the gift purchasing department. 

This year Josh got me an engraved necklace with ‘Goose’ on it – this is one of his nicknames for me. This is something he started calling me just a few months into our relationship. It has nothing to do with Top Gun either :-).  I got Josh a Fitbit Charge. He has had the flex for a while now and has been happy with it. However, the Charge has a lot of neat features that will aid in our healthy, fitness lifestyle aaaannnd it’s pretty neat that it will flash phone calls, text messages etc. across the display. He is pretty tickled about it! So I would say a successful V-Day gifting for the both of us. 

We also enjoyed a super nice lazy Sunday with each other. Both kids took awesome naps and we just enjoyed each other’s company while the snow fell all day long. 

I hope V-Day treated you well! What’s one of your all time favorite V-Day gifts? ❤️

God Bless – Christy

Kids Nightly Bedtime Routines

Our family is a little nutty sometimes and it really comes through as I look at our nightly bedtime routine, mainly for Ali. However, I’m sure Jake will join in on the crazy soon enough!

After all the books have been read, teeth have been brushed and jammies are on its time to head to bed. Typically this is Josh’s thing. When Ali was born I worked nights and Josh put her to bed every evening. Most nights when I try to take Ali to bed she total freaks out and cries and throws a tantrum because she wants daddy to do it. So not worth it so I typically give her nightly kisses etc…, feed Jake his bottle and let Josh do the dirty work.

Monday night this week and tonight – on a roll with this girl – Ali let me put her to bed. No complaints nothing! She gives daddy her nightly kisses and starts to head up… bedtime routine starts…

1.’Get me mommy’ Ali says as she is running up the stairs and I proceed to say ‘Come here you’ in the Sully voice from Monster’s Inc. just like he says it to Boo at the end of the movie. Ali giggles and heads on up the rest of the way.

2. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits’ Ana, Elsa time!!!! bana nana na na naaaananana a little song Josh made up one night and she continues to sing it after we yell ‘Its Ana, Elsa time’ because she has a little Ana, Elsa light that projects them on the ceiling. (Courtesy of Grandma & Grandpa of course)

3.  She hops in her bed and gets her ‘buddies’ in place Joy on one side and Sadness on the other (From Inside out – she was upgraded at Christmas time to a big girl twin size bed with Inside out sheets and Joy and Sadness dolls. Some nights she has to tell Joy to stop jumping on the bed, or pick Sadness up because she’s fallen out of the bed – most likely because shes just Sad 🙂

4. Ali is great at reminding me / us to ‘tuck her feet’. She’s just like her mom in this case where she likes to have a little pocket made with her blankets around her feet to make sure they are nice and toasty all night.

5. Now its my turn for my nightly kisses….they go as such…

Hug, squeeze, kiss, uga muga (which is like the nose to nose kisses from Daniel Tiger) after all that…

Me: goodnight

Alice: goodnight
me: sweet dreams
Ali: sweet dreams.
Me: love you
Ali: love you
Me: love you more
Ali: take a shower 🙂
Me: laughs
Ali: you stink…:)

After this I laugh again and close the door behind me telling her I love her again and sweet dreams.

She tells Josh or I this every night. Not a clue why or where she came up with it! Shes such a silly little girl and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know I’m going to be super sad the day she doesn’t want to do any of that any more!

Jake on the other hand after he’s had his bottle and ready to lay down I give him little smooches on his cheek until I see that big smile behind his pacifier and then he gets to head on up to his crib himself. Then we pray the little guy sleeps all night – which he’s typically good at that but he has his nights!

What are your bed time routines with your little ones? Are we super crazy or what? 🙂

Thank you for reading – God bless – Christy.

The Birthday that keeps on giving!

Date night’s don’t happen too often in this house. But we try to get out every once in a while to still enjoy ‘us’ time. For my 30th birthday (In December) Josh purchased us tickets to see Blue Man group. I was so excited to go I was sad it wasn’t sooner! Last week as we were planning for the week ahead Josh mentioned we would have to get a sitter for Tuesday night and I’m racking my brain trying to remember why and he had to remind me of our tickets! Not that I forgot I just hadn’t realized it was here already! I was so excited 🙂

Thanks to my wonderful sister Sarah she spent the night and watched the kids for us. I received several pics and videos of them laughing dancing and having a great time. They always enjoy it when aunt Sarah comes over. I’m grateful she was willing to take care of my two sick little kids – we’ve got some pretty bad stuff in this house lately, strep, ear infections, croup and now a cough that just wont go away – meanwhile the 10 month old has teething on top of it all.  Praying for everyone to start feeling better very soon! (Sarah even cleaned up the kids’ toys and cleaned bottles! A-mazing! Love you girl!)

Josh and I enjoyed dinner at White Star Ale house they have wonderful food and great beer on tap. We made it in time for happy hour so we enjoyed some half price beers the waiter picked out for Josh and I had the sangria. Now we are still focusing on our fit life and healthy life style so we tried to be super careful about what we ordered while indulging a little bit – after all it was my birthday…. Since this was technically my birthday gift we kept saying it was my b-day 🙂 its nice to have a birthday that keeps on giving.

04738_show_landscape_large_01The show was fantastic to say the least. I didn’t realize how comedic Blue Man Group was. At times I was in awe of the music (being a music nerd myself) and laughing at all the great skits. I also didn’t realize if you sat in the front couple rows you would need ponchos! Good thing we were on the top deck of the theater :). They pulled volunteer’s out the audience and everything it was such a great show and so happy we went! The best part was they did not allow anyone to have their electronic device out during the show to take pics / record etc. Its always so nice to be unplugged and enjoy yourself! When we were leaving we walked out to a beautiful coat of snow. Anyone who knows me I don’t typically say beautiful and snow in the same sentence. However it was sparkling and beautiful and I wasn’t driving 🙂 so it was beautiful. It was a perfect night out with my best friend. 30 isn’t so bad and I look forward to another 30+ years with my guy 🙂

Taking the leap – our story


Hey all – as I type this I’m not sure who I’m talking to. I know I don’t have any ‘followers’ yet or know if I’ll get any at all. However I’ve wanted to do a blog for a while now and even started one with my cousins / sister a few years back. We had one post and it was anonymous. So that made it kind of difficult to spread the word.  So I do want to say thanks to my friend Heath Tracy for the inspiration to start my blog! You can check his out here  https://heathtracy.wordpress.com/author/heathtracy/   read it / follow it / love it 🙂

To start just a little about me. I’m a mother of two (Ali, 2.5 and Jake 7 months). I have a wonderful husband Josh and an old grumpy dog Wrigley – yes we are Cubs fans and yes we hope they win the World Series. I have a weird writing style so either you like it or don’t.  Thank God there is spell check 🙂 Speaking of God  – yep I’m going there – I was born and raised Catholic – so with that in mind I’m not here for any judgements of any kind, that’s not your job, (the judging part).

So back to my wonderful husband – any one watch Wheel of Fortune and see how everyone always talks about how ‘wonderful’ or ‘amazing’ their husbands / kids / wives etc?  what if someone came out and said I have a lazy husband and 3 little sh*ts that make me wait on them hand and foot.. hehe I think that would be great.  No really though I have an amazing and wonderful husband. I really found a good catch! He loves me unconditionally – I can get a little coco for coco puffs sometimes. And he does a lot – I mean A LOT – around the house. Helps with the kids, like I feel every husband and good Dad should, cooks, cleans etc. etc.  He’s not perfect but who is? We’ve been together 8 years and married 5 of those years.

Josh and I weren’t sure if we could have kids. We talked about waiting a few years to have kids but once we were married its like we had baby fever and decided to try for a baby. Well several years later after lots of tears, fights and struggles with infertility, which I’ll share in a different post, in March of 2013 our little Ali came along. Shes quite the spit fire – just like me I hear. 🙂 So basically I’m going to have my hands full when shes a teenager. Then just 2 short years later we were blessed with Mr. Jake who is a huge momma’s boy and lights our world just as much as Alice does.

Our lives stay very busy with work, kids, family and more. I’ll keep this first blog short and sweet and look forward to sharing our world with you – whoever you are at this point.

Please comment / share etc. I wouldn’t mind the publicity- gives me the courage and keeps me accountable to continue writing these.