Bring on the new year – the opportunities remain the same

I haven’t been here in a while a lot has changed since I’ve written. But glad to be getting back at this.

As we approach the new year I see lots of people talking about how 2019 will be better than this year, or they will smash their goals, next year.

Let’s all remember everyday we wake up we receive the opportunity to make that day great. We choose how our day will go. It’s not about the situations that we are put through it’s how we react to those situations.

Remember something crappy might happen every day but don’t let that one thing define your day / week / month etc. we also have 24 hours in a day. Don’t let one thing define you!

Quit complaining take control of you and your life and make every opportunity count!

God Bless to all this year and next. But don’t think by a new year coming your life is going to drastically change. That’s your job!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

You want a better year / day / month? Do something different 👍🏼👍🏼❤️❤️

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2016 Renew – Resolve – Refresh

Happy 2016 everyone! I hope all had a wonderful Holiday Season, a Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

After my much needed hiatus during the holiday season I’m glad to be back. Why not start my first blog of 2016 with putting my resolutions down in writing. This is something I’ve never done. I’m a perfectionist at heart and very competitive so all in all I really dislike it when I miss goals. Thus why I never write them down – 0 accountability when I fail. As I find I have two little beings looking up to me I’d like to change that and help them mold their goals and dreams. So here we go…

Get fit: As you know Josh and I have been doing Advocare since June of 2015 and have had quite a bit of success. However I never really wrote down a true goal. Josh and I will be staring another 24 day challenge (our 3rd one) tomorrow. During the holidays we got a bit off track and are so ready to get back in to meal planning and prepping. Josh and I are going to Mexico in June and I hope to be at my mid year goal by then. (I have the numbers written down in my planner available for my accountability partner to see).  – Notice I said get fit & not loose weight…. Healthy lifestyle is the way to go.

ORGANIZE – everything has its place: I’d like to say I’m a very organized person already. However there is always room for improvement. I don’t even have a ‘junk drawer’ – shocker I know!  However when cleaning I frequently find that not everything in our house has a ‘home’. This is something I hope to change in 2016 – as well as putting in better shelving / cubby spaces in our garage to clear up our high traffic areas. Something I’m still trying to con Josh in to helping with.

Garage – always clean: Josh like’s to keep his spaces pretty cluttered which I don’t necessarily love – at all. So I hope to change that this year.  We’ve done well so far since we held a graduation party for my cousin in mid December in our garage (which is huge by the way – approx. 1500 square ft.). I plan to aid in this by making a weekly / monthly cleaning schedule for our home / garage. Things just get lost in the mix when you have two kiddos or don’t think to go sweep the garage – because why?

Read: Since Alice was born I’m more in to reading kiddo books than books for myself. I’m going to try to take some more time for myself after the kids go to bed to de-stress by reading. I’d like to read at least 20 books this year that aid in my professional work. Either work related to leadership / team goals or related to teaching religion. I’m starting by reading ‘The Slight Edge’ by Jeff Olson (again) and a book I received as a Christmas gift ‘Rediscover Jesus’ by Matthew Kelly.

Color: This is my fun resolution / goal. I’d like to finish my adult coloring book I purchased for myself. Seems silly however this goes in line with taking time for myself – and putting my phone down…. The book I purchased has 56 pages, I believe, so that gives me a little more than a page a week. I’m already into week 2 and just got done with the first page I started.

So here’s to 2016!

What are your resolutions / goals for the new year?