Inside Out Birthday Bash!

Hey all!

I’m back at it! I’d like to say I was on hiatus recouping from the big birthday part I threw for the kids. 🙂 It’s nice to be back!

I wanted to share the great big birthday bash we threw for the kids! It was a lot of fun putting it all on, also a lot of work! 🙂 Ali and Jake recently started loving the movie ‘Inside Out’. What a cute movie that is – rent it if you haven’t seen it! This ended up being the perfect theme for my first boy / girl combined birthday party!! Since Ali and Jake’s birthdays are 4 days a part there is no reason to throw more than one party.

I tried to be super frugal when putting everything together from making my own birthday onsie for Jake to printing all the signs etc for the party its self! I even put together the wagon that Riley and Bing bong (her imaginary friend from the movie) fly to the moon on 🙂 The kid’s loved the wagon and it was a bit destroyed by the end of the party! That means they all had fun! I did take some of the ideas from pinterest! However I made everything on my own. Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed their day w/ the kids, brought something to share and gifts for the kids! We are so blessed to have such a big loving set of family and friends!

We did throw mini parties for the kid’s on their birthday where they opened gifts from mom and dad as well as had a sweet treat to enjoy. It was the start of a great tradition we’ll continue for both of their birthdays! Let’s just hope when we are ready for baby number 3 he or she comes in March so we can just add another to the mix! 🙂

Check out the slide show here of all the party craziness!

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Girls weekend in Galena

What a great weekend it was! So glad us ladies were able to get together and enjoy each other, kid free, guy free stress free worry free! 🙂

12234937_10153308686921985_1824551782478376902_n It’s great when you have that group of friends that you may not see often but y12246892_10153308686846985_6282437024531269257_nou  don’t skip a beat when you do see each other, its like you pick up where you left off when you were last together. I know all of these wonderful ladies through my husband. They are friends / girlfriends (wives now) etc. of his buddies which have now become friends of mine. Now that most of us are married and there aren’t many more planned opportunities to get together we had to plan something! This was our first annual trip and we plan to continue the tradition.

We started out at Galena Cellars wine tasting room and we had a lovely wine expert Lyz helping us ‘taste’ all our new favorites! Needless to say I left with three bottles of IMG_1320(1)wine and I had plenty more favorites! We enjoyed some appetizers at the Green Street Tavern to hold us over until supper, their Moscow Mule was fantastic, served in a copper cup of course. We split ways from there afried-green-tomatoesnd a few of us hit up the Sock store, another winery, Finley Grace, a wick-less soy candle place. I purchased some wonderful melting wax to burn this holiday season – I just love it when my house smells like the holidays. We also went to The Great American Popcorn company. I got the Galena mix fresh off the shelf! It was still warm in the bag and oh so tasty! Needless to say Josh, Alice and I ate all of it before I could snag a picture. For supper we went to Fried Green Tomatoes. If you haven’t been there – highly suggested! One of my friends knew the owner and he set us up with some more super tasty wine combinations!  And of course we all had to have our share of Fried Green tomatoes – so amazing! My entree was the meatloaf on top of cornbread with mash potatoes – it was a cheat weekend for sure.

We ended the night in a house we rented. Fully equipped with 6 beds for the 12 of us to comfortably sleep, hot tub, pool table and fire-pit! It was so fabulous, we definitely all felt like queens for the day. Excited for our next adventure – maybe we don’t wait a full year to enjoy some extra girl time together – thanks for the great weekend ladies!