Crazy busy making memories

Hey all its been sometime since I’ve posted. We’ve been pretty busy with Alice starting school, vacations to Arkansas and just keeping up in general. 

If you’ve been a friend of mine for some time or a family member you know I love taking pictures and capture almost everything. I also enjoy capturing small milestones such as weekly / monthly pics of my babies and even half year pics once they are iver two. 

I have several reasons behind doing this. However it all started with the thought of us only being blessed with one baby and we wanted to capture every moment in time with her. I’ve discussed in the past how we’ve struggeled with infertility and we were pleaseantly surprised when Mr.Jake came along. 

So of course I have to follow suit and capture every moment in time with him too. Which I totally don’t mind 😀. 

Ali 3 1/2 on the 14th 

Jake 18 months on the 10th. 

Hope all is well. Would love to hear how you keep and capture your family memories. 

Xoxo – Christy
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3 year old preschool! 

This week Alice started 3 year old preschool. I wasn’t so sure about signing her up. I thought to myself she’ll be in school or working the rest of her life once she starts school… However I don’t want to rob her from the experience! At this age it’s tons of fun and she has the ability to meet new kids and her future classmates! 

Loved her first day! The only other girl in the class is also named Alyce. She talked about her frequently! Jacob really misses his sister now on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

We had our first parenting fail of the year on the second day of school – we forgot show and tell! They do this every day (she only goes 2 days a week). 

So on their way there Josh told Alice she could show off her new book bag and talk about how we went to the movie ‘Secret life of pets’. I asked her on the way home if she had anything for show and tell and she just responds yeah I just showed them my dress. She’s quick on her feet! 

I’m excited to see all the new things she’s learning and what’s to come in this year of preschool! She loves it already!

We sign her up for dance on Wednesday this week too! Such a big girl. 

I hope everyone is having a great start to the school year and are excited to go and learn everything as much as a 3 year old on the first day 😀

Xoxo – Christy

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Fun in Wisconsin 

Hey ya’ll I suppose I should write about our extended weekend in Wisconsin 🙂 

Last Friday We headed to Wisconsin for a family wedding. On our way we made a stop at the New Glarus brewery- a must in my book. We were able to do a tour, taste testing and purchase some of our favorites to bring home.

 We stopped at the Outlet mall on they way and got some deals for the kiddos. Then a big group of us went to the Brewers game and had the joy of watching the Brewers beat the Cardinals! It was such a fun game with a big group of our family (only a few) we don’t do anything small in our family. 

The next day was the wedding. It was such a beautiful day for a wedding! Of course it was a great time and the kids really enjoyed it as well! They stayed until the end at 11:00. My thought was – they weren’t throwing fits and they will get upset to leave so let’s all stay and enjoy ourselves! 😀

The couple was super smart and did a walking taco bar towards the end of the night. So of course some decided to make their own bowl – my family never disappoints 🙂 

The next day we headed to the zoo with my brother and sister in-law and their girls. The kids loved it! Jake’s  favorite had to be the cow and Ali and Brianna loved watching the Penguins swim! 

Jake’s face when he saw the cows. ❤️
 The girls watching the penguin swim. 

Riding the carousel with daddy. 

Over all it was a fantastic weekend, wedding and trip all around! 

– Christy xoxo

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Busy moms need hands free! 

I was given the opportunity to test drive the Tigra® MountCase Universal Smartphone Baby Stroller Mount Kit. I know as a busy mother of 2 I’m always looking for ways to free up my hands to keep my littles close! This is really a great product and I would highly recommend! 

-All opinions in this blog are my own. 


  • Hands free! 
  • Works for the stroller, bike, etc! 
  • Quick and easy to move from one devise to another
  • Easy install
  • Works for any smart phone


  • Mounting devise is sticky and more permanent (I found a cheap phone case from Amazon to swap out to when using) 
  • Swapping to other phone case when using (It only takes a few seconds but it is a downside)

I hope you experience the same great benefits I have using this product! Follow the link here to purchase on Amazon: Tigra® MountCase Universal Smartphone Baby Stroller Mount Kit

-Christy xoxo 

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America’s Birthday & Family Traditions

 What a great 4th of July weekend! 

I worked Saturday so Josh took the kids on a 12 mile bike ride – sad to have missed out on that but the kids really enjoyed it! 

That night we went camping in our back yard. See blog here

Sunday we went to check out the 150 year sesquicentennial celebration in Manchester. They had a talent show, food, craft venders, face painting (which the kids didn’t want to partake in) and a chalk walk. We added some pics to the chalk walk as we were leaving and headed home for nap time. Some of our cousins and my sistercame over to enjoy some time in our pool. We enjoyed supper Wolfeys which is always delicious and ended the night playing a game of celebrity at our house.

Monday went by so quick. Josh did some yard work and cleaned up the tent / camping mess while I made some pies for a 4th of July party. My aunt makes this Ameican Flag pie every year and I love a good pie so I thought I would try it out.  

I told Alice you aren’t baking unless you have some flour in your face – as I was getting her with flour hands. Later in she was concerned my flour had fallen off and she got me with both hands full of flour ❤️

The pie was almost homemade- as I had never made strawberry pie before and heard it can be difficult we got some filling from the store and added some fresh strawberries to it, new goal to figure  out a good strawberry pie filling recipie.  Then I made my famous blueberry pie filling – from scratch. And made my dough as well – I use my mom’s ” Never fail pie crust” recipie. It is amazing and never fails! The pie was delicious and turned out great! 

We enjoyed an evening at a friends house. Good eats and conversation with some great people. We skipped out on fire works as the kids were ready for bed. 

Over all great weekend! On to a three day work wee before a fun family wedding weekend in Milwaukee! 

What did you do this weekend? 

– Christy xoxo

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Campfire and backyard camping

Ali has been asking for a few weeks  now to go camping. What a perfect weekend to put the tent up in our back yard!

We did pizzas in the pie irons and invited over Josh’s parents for supper. She got to stay up late and enjoy some smores with us and she feel right asleep in the tent. 

She slept unil about 530 am and she was up and ready for breakfast! I was able to con her into falling back asleep on the couch. She had to get out of the tent because she thought it smelled like farts. I don’t know where this girl comes up with this stuff! We could still smell the camp fire – she has a very sensitive nose we have found out. 😂 it definite was a great start to our 4th of July weekend. 

-Christy xoxo

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Happy Father’s Day! 

Three of the best fathers I know. I’m lucky to have an Amazing father.  As well as my kids and nieces are just as blessed to have great daddy’s too! 

Today we made it a relaxing one. Church, visit to my parents house to spend some time w/ my dad and then home. 

After getting some lunch in the kids and off to some naps Josh and I enjoyed some relaxing time in our pool. 

Once the kids woke up they joined us. They loved it! Supper and a movie and off to bed. ❤️

It was a great relaxing day! 

I hope you all had a great weekend and happy Father’s Day to all the other fathers out there! 

– Christy – God Bless xoxo
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