Busy moms need hands free! 

I was given the opportunity to test drive the Tigra® MountCase Universal Smartphone Baby Stroller Mount Kit. I know as a busy mother of 2 I’m always looking for ways to free up my hands to keep my littles close! This is really a great product and I would highly recommend! 

-All opinions in this blog are my own. 


  • Hands free! 
  • Works for the stroller, bike, etc! 
  • Quick and easy to move from one devise to another
  • Easy install
  • Works for any smart phone


  • Mounting devise is sticky and more permanent (I found a cheap phone case from Amazon to swap out to when using) 
  • Swapping to other phone case when using (It only takes a few seconds but it is a downside)

I hope you experience the same great benefits I have using this product! Follow the link here to purchase on Amazon: Tigra® MountCase Universal Smartphone Baby Stroller Mount Kit

-Christy xoxo 

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America’s Birthday & Family Traditions

 What a great 4th of July weekend! 

I worked Saturday so Josh took the kids on a 12 mile bike ride – sad to have missed out on that but the kids really enjoyed it! 

That night we went camping in our back yard. See blog here

Sunday we went to check out the 150 year sesquicentennial celebration in Manchester. They had a talent show, food, craft venders, face painting (which the kids didn’t want to partake in) and a chalk walk. We added some pics to the chalk walk as we were leaving and headed home for nap time. Some of our cousins and my sistercame over to enjoy some time in our pool. We enjoyed supper Wolfeys which is always delicious and ended the night playing a game of celebrity at our house.

Monday went by so quick. Josh did some yard work and cleaned up the tent / camping mess while I made some pies for a 4th of July party. My aunt makes this Ameican Flag pie every year and I love a good pie so I thought I would try it out.  

I told Alice you aren’t baking unless you have some flour in your face – as I was getting her with flour hands. Later in she was concerned my flour had fallen off and she got me with both hands full of flour ❤️

The pie was almost homemade- as I had never made strawberry pie before and heard it can be difficult we got some filling from the store and added some fresh strawberries to it, new goal to figure  out a good strawberry pie filling recipie.  Then I made my famous blueberry pie filling – from scratch. And made my dough as well – I use my mom’s ” Never fail pie crust” recipie. It is amazing and never fails! The pie was delicious and turned out great! 

We enjoyed an evening at a friends house. Good eats and conversation with some great people. We skipped out on fire works as the kids were ready for bed. 

Over all great weekend! On to a three day work wee before a fun family wedding weekend in Milwaukee! 

What did you do this weekend? 

– Christy xoxo

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Campfire and backyard camping

Ali has been asking for a few weeks  now to go camping. What a perfect weekend to put the tent up in our back yard!

We did pizzas in the pie irons and invited over Josh’s parents for supper. She got to stay up late and enjoy some smores with us and she feel right asleep in the tent. 

She slept unil about 530 am and she was up and ready for breakfast! I was able to con her into falling back asleep on the couch. She had to get out of the tent because she thought it smelled like farts. I don’t know where this girl comes up with this stuff! We could still smell the camp fire – she has a very sensitive nose we have found out. 😂 it definite was a great start to our 4th of July weekend. 

-Christy xoxo

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Happy Father’s Day! 

Three of the best fathers I know. I’m lucky to have an Amazing father.  As well as my kids and nieces are just as blessed to have great daddy’s too! 

Today we made it a relaxing one. Church, visit to my parents house to spend some time w/ my dad and then home. 

After getting some lunch in the kids and off to some naps Josh and I enjoyed some relaxing time in our pool. 

Once the kids woke up they joined us. They loved it! Supper and a movie and off to bed. ❤️

It was a great relaxing day! 

I hope you all had a great weekend and happy Father’s Day to all the other fathers out there! 

– Christy – God Bless xoxo
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Review & Give away! – KidloLand

Hey Everyone!!

I had the wonderful opportunity to test and review the kids app Kidloland. Let’s jump right to the point. I would highly recommend it. My three year old picked it up super quick and was able to play the activities with ease and follow the on screen instructions well. My 1 year old loved watching the songs! The 3 year old frequently asks for it and gets upset when her screen time is over and we have to take it away!


  • All the nursery rhymes / kids songs etc. you can think of in one app!
  • All the recognizable Nursery Rhymes from my childhood and more!
  • Great play list option! You can pick your own songs or randomize it. But there is a play button straight from the home screen for quick song play when the kids are extra impatient.
  • Adds the lyrics of the song at the bottom of the screen. I found this nice because some of the nursery rhymes were new to me!
  • Love the variety of activities offered in the activities section
  • All the songs are interactive and keeps the kids busy!



  • You do have to download the songs / activities as you go – there is an option to ‘download all’ in the settings page which is helpful
  • Takes up quite a bit of space (but I deleted all my other kid song apps as I did not need them any longer and had plenty of space)
  • Dislike that you can not turn off the background music

The very kind people at Kidloland have given me a 3 month subscription free for 5 of my lucky readers! My give away will close Monday the 6th at midnight CST. A valid e-mail address will need to be provided so Kidloland can provide you the code to activate your 3 month free subscription. Click the link below to enter!

Enter Give away Here

If you love to check out this app here are the links you can grab for your mobile devise.

Good luck!

Thanks for reading!

God Bless Christy xoxo

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Ali’s first visit to the dentist

Now that Ali’s three it’s time to visit the dentist! She absolutely loves brushing her teeth! We are lucky because our aunt Amy is our dental hygienist. Which I think made the visit so much smoother!

While getting ready that day Ali comes to me and says “mom I’m nervous.” I’m not sure I’ve ever her her use that word before. 😀 I reassured her and we were on our way. As we were in the waiting room Ali kept saying she was sacred and that she wanted to go home. Amy came to get is and I went first so Ali could see what it was all about.

Amy did a great job explaining each instrument to Ali so when it was her turn she wasn’t scared. Ali was so excited when it was her turn to get in the chair!

Amy had no problem cleaning , counting and flowing Ali’s teeth! She did so great!
Everyone received a clean bill of health! No cavities to report! That’s always good news 🙂 Ali was so excited for her goody bag with her new tooth brush, floss, tooth paste and Chapstick! Best of all she got to get a toy from the toy bin 😀

Thanks for reading – Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

God Bless – Christy xoxo

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An Open Letter to My baby Sister on her pinning day…

Hey Girl – look at you – you made it, you passed nursing school, and you already have been offered a job! There was never a doubt in my mind that IMG_0955 (2)you’d do big things in this world. I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished, everything you’ve overcame and goals you’ve set and surpassed!

13221495_10207931199176190_4544289439901110204_nIt’s been an amazing ride watching you grow in to the young woman you’ve become. Even though we are 7 years apart we mesh with each other well. You really are my person ♥ You keep me young and up to date 😉 Thanks for that. I help keep you level headed and bring a little bit of the wise advice I’ve accumulated in my 30 years of living. Either way I wouldn’t ask for anyone else to be my sister through and through you are always there – really always you come over a lot!;) and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


I have always thought it really takes a special someone to be a nurse. I haven’t been hospitalized much but people are really at their worst state when they are in the hospital. Nurses do a lot and we all know they don’t get much credit for it! They are a pill distributor, someone to calm the nerves a shoulder to cry on, etc etc. (the list really does go on and on). In all my stays in the hospital I remember the nurses the most. They are the ones that impact people’s lives the most. It’s amazing to me to think that you will be that person. You will be that nurse that people – literally – years later will think gosh I remember the one nurse  she held my hand through my entire surgery (5th grade I broke my hand and I had a nurse who did that).

There will be tough days and there will be great days. You’ll witness families who are grateful their loved ones made it to the hospital in time, families who are scared and you’ll witness death but at the end of the day you’ll still have to wake up and do it all over again tomorrow. It really puts my bad days at work in to perspective!

Have I said how proud of you I am? 🙂 All the late nights studying, the worrying after a test. I remember talking to you countless times on the phone before and after tests and you thinking man I really failed that one…when in reality you passed. I’ve never seen you go after something with so much passion in your life. To know my kids have such a beautiful, kind hearted person to look up to as they grow makes me so happy.

During your first few years of college you were headed down a rocky path just like a lot of kids. Because that what you were at that age a kid. To make such big life decisions out of high school can be hard for a lot of people. Like typical sisters we would share everything and I remember quite a few 13239965_10207931188135914_7189477458777472099_ntimes you’d start something with ‘don’t be mad’, or ‘don’t judge me.’ Sarah know that I’ve never been mad or judged you for making a decision in life that may have not been the best – but you learned from. That is what life is all about and I know you realize that now. We live and we learn – these sayings aren’t just out there for us to read they are real. If you don’t learn from your mistakes in life how are you going to ever really live. As you learn from those mistakes you saw what needed to be done and you did it. You gave your life purpose. And I’m so freaking P-R-O-U-D.13174228_10154199687041941_6300031828955808893_n

Nursing school gave you so many gifts the gift of being a nurse but so much more. You have a whole new group of friends that you can really relate to. You’ve all been through it together. But also that ability to stay up forever, take tests filled with tons of information all while being extremely exhausted, oh and trying to save people’s lives… And best of all, the gift of knowing – you – can – do – anything!

Now all that sappy stuff aside – Congrats! Congrats for graduating and getting through it all with a ‘big girl’ job waiting for you! Now good luck your NCLEX and can’t wait to be there for you during your BSN program 🙂

The real fun begins now –  just 24 days until we can really celebrate in Mexico!!

Love you baby sis!

Thanks for reading. God bless

XOXO- Christy
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Running for a Cause

Posting slightly out of order this week. Mother’s day trumps all! 🙂

I know we’ve all seen those 5k etc. runs for a cause. This weekend Josh I did our 2nd Annual Foam Fun Run to raise money for LLS. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) puts on a yearly fundraising competition for Man / Women of the year. All the proceeds go to LLS for cancer research. Last year my aunt and God Mother ran to be Woman of the Year and previously a co-worker of mine ran. This is something that is near and dear to my heart as it is many people who have been affected by cancer in some way in their lives.

IMG_0878 (2)

Last year the run was raining and cold and with a 2 year old and a 2 month old I wasn’t walking it or running it. I drove to each stop along the way and shared in the fun while the strong willed ran in the rain. The foamy run where Foam = beer! Luckily the last two years they were able to obtain sponsors for all the free food, drinks, shirts etc so 100% of your run fee all goes to LLS fundraiser.

Maddonsim-TryNotToSuck-MothersDay_grandeThis year I was grateful to have my mom and dad walk with the kids in a stroller while Josh, his sister Melissa and I were able to run / walk the 5k! I have been training using the C25k app (Couch to 5k). I’m not 100% ready for a 5k quite yet but I was impressed with my results. As it wasn’t a timed run and there were two stops along the way I don’t know my over all time. However I did shave 35 seconds off my mile from the day before. I typically do a fast pace walk before I start to jog and during the run I just started jogging with everyone else and my anxiety got the best of me so I had to make my first stop earlier than I wanted to. However I was still extremely impressed that I picked it right back up and shaved 35 seconds off my mile. Over all it really was a fun Run and we all had quite a bit of fun!

Our first stop was at Parlor City in downtown Cedar Rapids. There they had snacks and a free drink for us to take a break as the first stretch was just over 2 miles. (The run ended up being a little more than a 5k at 4ish miles). I ended up walking the rest of the race with my sister in law. There were times we could have picked it up and ran but we didn’t want to kill ourselves and wanted to still enjoy the day.


Next stop was at The Rock Bar. This is a fun bar as it has a bull on it. We all pooled together and raised another $300 to get the gentlemen running for Man of the year to ride the bull. While others just rode for fun.

Ali and Jake got on for a photo op. Grandma thought it would be fun to see Ali ride it and they slowly moved the bull around and we had instant tears. She was traumatized for a while but she got over it quickly as she watched others ride the bull and get knocked off.  The whole time Jake was on it he was mooing at the bull 🙂


Last stop – Back to Sag Wagon where they had a lunch and drinks for us to end the race! It was a fun day and I can’t wait for next year.  Some cousins, and my aunt and uncle also planned a bike ride after the 5k event. We rode about 8 miles and stopped a few new places down to try some new beers. Over all it was a beautiful day and a great day to raise some money for a good cause!

Hope to see you there with me next year!

God Bless

xoxo – Christy
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Happy Momma’s Day – Cherish these moments

Mother  IMG_0903 (2)

[muh-th-er] –noun

  1. One person who does the work of twenty. For free.

Some would like to say this is the definition of a mother. Yeah I get it Momm’n isn’t easy. Who ever said it was? Just as I was writing this blog I was interrupted to run a 3 year old to the bathroom – who is finally getting the concept of telling us she has to go (instead of trying to do it on her own and wetting her pants before she gets them down) – small victory!! Also, after helping the 3 year old I caught the 1 year old chewing on a crayon – for the 3rd time this week – literally where does he keep finding them! I’ve searched and they are all up! And changed a dirty diaper – these are all typical things. I like this definition better.


[muh-th-er] –verb

  1. to love, nourish, protect, teach, comfort, guide, nurture, support, embrace, cherish, reassure

These two moments in time my life was changed for ever – for the better – and I so happy to have these two in my life.


IMG_0881 (2)





Ali Pie March 2013

IMG_0882 (2)





Jakie J March 2015

This weekend was a busy one with Mother’s day included in there. We were lucky enough to be able to see both mine and Josh’s Mothers. Growing up I knew my mom loved me, however, you truly don’t understand the love of a mother until you are one. There are times I hold my little ones and think to myself can time just stand still and I think – gosh my mom probably said the same thing – and here I am 30, married, with two kids going through the steps of life. IMG_0871 (2)

I love watching my kids grow and the new things they learn. I have a constant battle with myself in wanting to freeze time and keep them little forever and wanting IMG_0888 (2)time to go faster so I can see the great people they’ll become. All the time people tell you to cherish these times its okay if your floors are sticky, windows dirty, toys every where because some day your house will be clean and no one there to mess it up. I embrace the mess (to a certain extent). I try to cherish every moment I have with these little stinkers.

I see a lot of people posting on social media about how frustrating their kids are etc. etc. and don’t get me wrong it is frustrating its not easy. However, when you struggle with infertility and have to fight for your baby it really puts everything in to perspective. I really try not to complain about the frustrating times because I wanted this so bad. (side note – I know I’m not perfect and sometimes I do express my frustration from time to time – but really do have to remind myself how lucky I am).

All my liIMG_0877 (2)fe I have thought of being a mom. I played with dollies probably longer than the average kid should have. I would wonder off in the store and mom would find me in the baby section instead of the toys section. I really longed for the day I could be a mother. I truly believe God created me to be a mother of many. I’m so glad he chose me to be a mother to little Ali and Jake (so far) and we will take any more he’d be happy to bless us with.

Shout out to my Momma we may not talk every day or see each other every day but I know we are always on your mind. I thank you for all the things you taught me in life and for being a mother first and a friend second. Thank you for all you do for us and continue to do for us I know I was certainly a pain in the butt growing up and sometimes hard to deal with. I know I have that coming back on me with my sassy Ms. Ali. I know sometimes you still wish you could stop time for just a moment to cherish those good times. Thanks for being a great momma and even better Grandma. Love you Mom!

So to end – Sometimes we just have to remember those cute things our kids do that make us smile and cherish those times – hold them to remember when they are being a terror.  Also remember our mom was on the receiving end of those cute little things when we were little. Remember you’ll always be your momma’s baby no matter how old you’ll be. Don’t get embarrassed or weirded out when your mom wants to show you affection or tell you they love you. Remember they still want time to stand still and cherish these times forever.

I hope you all had a great Mother’s day. To those people struggling to be a Mother I pray for you every day as I would never wish anyone to fight for their baby.

God Bless

xoxo – Christy
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A girl’s first pedicure 💅🏼

This weekend we had a girls day with my cousins.  We really out did ourselves

First stop Olive Garden for lunch Ali enhaled her spaghetti. It is one of her favorite foods – and we don’t do normal spaghetti at our house so when she gets it she goes crazy! 🍝

Next we went to get some pedicures! it was the girls’ first time. Cousin Addi and Ali. Addi was all about it and pretty excited. Ali was definitely not so sure. 

They were getting the girls set up and Ali asked me to hold her hand. It broke my heart a bit when I explained she had to be a big girl and do it by herself, but cousin Addi will be here to sit with her! So I snagged some pics and headed over to my pedicure. 

The gal doing Ali’s nails tried so hard to get her talking but she was not having it. Several blank stares away from her and in my direction, and multiple times she would stare at me and just say.. ‘Mom??’ It was cute, funny and sad all at the same time. She pretty much stared down my way the whole time – and she survived! 

When we were done we went for some shopping in the mall and a few other places – gearing up for our trip to Mexico!!  🛫

Then the day wouldn’t have been complete with out stoping for ice cream at cold stone of course! 🍦

It was a fun day with the people I love most! It’s nice to get out and treat Ali like she’s and only child for a little while. Jake and daddy stayed home, napped and watch the race. I even brought supper home for them! 

Happy Thursday everyone! Hard to believe another weekend is just a day away. Excited for a fun run 5k and bike ride!

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Thank you – God Bless 

Xoxo – Christy

Ali’s color of choice! They added the glitter 😁 👇🏼

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