Music to get the blood pumping! 

Nothing like starting your morning out with a little ‘Eye of the Tiger’ 💪🏼.

This morning at the breakfast table Iwas humming  it for Jake, as he was a bit fussy and music always calms him / gets him dancing.

Ali started saying “no no no mom it’s ‘Rising up..”  I looked at Josh shocked! If you didn’t know it those are the first few lyrics to the song. For real this girl amazes me daily!

Just yesterday my mom visited and Ali noticed her hair cut! She’s 3!!! Anyway – we of course had to play ‘Eye of the Tiger’ twice at the breakfast table – breaking our rule of ‘no singing at the table’ 🙂

Started the morning with oatmeal! And ended with an amazing cauliflower fried ‘rice’ made by yours truly!! The kids enjoyed it and made quite the mess eating it too. 😀 It was amazing!


Another successful clean dinner to add to the Kunze recipe book! ❤️

Enjoy the night!

– Christy