We’ve got a big boy!! 

Me. Jacob will be turning 2 on Friday! It’s hard to believe my baby boy is that old already!! 

This weekend we took a risk and moved him into the toddler bed. 

Night one he was not sure at all he cried and we left leaving him to calm himself down. After some time he quieted down and I started to head down stairs. I was two steps down and I heard his door open – oops! Didn’t know he could do that!! 
I laid him back down started some essential oils to help calm him down and he was down for the night. Success! 

Night two we laid him down and he was golden! He even laid down on his own for a nap. Monday morning we woke up to Jacob crying outside our bedroom door. So another thing to combat 🙂 he had gone all the way downstairs with his blankets and back up! 

He’s done well up until last night, baby gate at the top of the stairs and all. Last night we went to check on him and found he had gotten sick all over he place. ☹️ Poor buddy – he got a bath and we did laundry in the middle of the night and laid him back down. Just to wake up about 30 min later to g getting sick again. So it was a long yet short night last night. 

Hoping he feels better soon and that he continues to enjoy sleeping in his big boy bed!! ❤

Thanks for reading! Xoxo – Christy

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