3 year old preschool! 

This week Alice started 3 year old preschool. I wasn’t so sure about signing her up. I thought to myself she’ll be in school or working the rest of her life once she starts school… However I don’t want to rob her from the experience! At this age it’s tons of fun and she has the ability to meet new kids and her future classmates! 

Loved her first day! The only other girl in the class is also named Alyce. She talked about her frequently! Jacob really misses his sister now on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

We had our first parenting fail of the year on the second day of school – we forgot show and tell! They do this every day (she only goes 2 days a week). 

So on their way there Josh told Alice she could show off her new book bag and talk about how we went to the movie ‘Secret life of pets’. I asked her on the way home if she had anything for show and tell and she just responds yeah I just showed them my dress. She’s quick on her feet! 

I’m excited to see all the new things she’s learning and what’s to come in this year of preschool! She loves it already!

We sign her up for dance on Wednesday this week too! Such a big girl. 

I hope everyone is having a great start to the school year and are excited to go and learn everything as much as a 3 year old on the first day 😀

Xoxo – Christy

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