Fun in Wisconsin 

Hey ya’ll I suppose I should write about our extended weekend in Wisconsin 🙂 

Last Friday We headed to Wisconsin for a family wedding. On our way we made a stop at the New Glarus brewery- a must in my book. We were able to do a tour, taste testing and purchase some of our favorites to bring home.

 We stopped at the Outlet mall on they way and got some deals for the kiddos. Then a big group of us went to the Brewers game and had the joy of watching the Brewers beat the Cardinals! It was such a fun game with a big group of our family (only a few) we don’t do anything small in our family. 

The next day was the wedding. It was such a beautiful day for a wedding! Of course it was a great time and the kids really enjoyed it as well! They stayed until the end at 11:00. My thought was – they weren’t throwing fits and they will get upset to leave so let’s all stay and enjoy ourselves! 😀

The couple was super smart and did a walking taco bar towards the end of the night. So of course some decided to make their own bowl – my family never disappoints 🙂 

The next day we headed to the zoo with my brother and sister in-law and their girls. The kids loved it! Jake’s  favorite had to be the cow and Ali and Brianna loved watching the Penguins swim! 

Jake’s face when he saw the cows. ❤️
 The girls watching the penguin swim. 

Riding the carousel with daddy. 

Over all it was a fantastic weekend, wedding and trip all around! 

– Christy xoxo

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