Review & Give away! – KidloLand

Hey Everyone!!

I had the wonderful opportunity to test and review the kids app Kidloland. Let’s jump right to the point. I would highly recommend it. My three year old picked it up super quick and was able to play the activities with ease and follow the on screen instructions well. My 1 year old loved watching the songs! The 3 year old frequently asks for it and gets upset when her screen time is over and we have to take it away!


  • All the nursery rhymes / kids songs etc. you can think of in one app!
  • All the recognizable Nursery Rhymes from my childhood and more!
  • Great play list option! You can pick your own songs or randomize it. But there is a play button straight from the home screen for quick song play when the kids are extra impatient.
  • Adds the lyrics of the song at the bottom of the screen. I found this nice because some of the nursery rhymes were new to me!
  • Love the variety of activities offered in the activities section
  • All the songs are interactive and keeps the kids busy!



  • You do have to download the songs / activities as you go – there is an option to ‘download all’ in the settings page which is helpful
  • Takes up quite a bit of space (but I deleted all my other kid song apps as I did not need them any longer and had plenty of space)
  • Dislike that you can not turn off the background music

The very kind people at Kidloland have given me a 3 month subscription free for 5 of my lucky readers! My give away will close Monday the 6th at midnight CST. A valid e-mail address will need to be provided so Kidloland can provide you the code to activate your 3 month free subscription. Click the link below to enter!

Enter Give away Here

If you love to check out this app here are the links you can grab for your mobile devise.

Good luck!

Thanks for reading!

God Bless Christy xoxo

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