An Open Letter to My baby Sister on her pinning day…

Hey Girl – look at you – you made it, you passed nursing school, and you already have been offered a job! There was never a doubt in my mind that IMG_0955 (2)you’d do big things in this world. I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished, everything you’ve overcame and goals you’ve set and surpassed!

13221495_10207931199176190_4544289439901110204_nIt’s been an amazing ride watching you grow in to the young woman you’ve become. Even though we are 7 years apart we mesh with each other well. You really are my person ♥ You keep me young and up to date 😉 Thanks for that. I help keep you level headed and bring a little bit of the wise advice I’ve accumulated in my 30 years of living. Either way I wouldn’t ask for anyone else to be my sister through and through you are always there – really always you come over a lot!;) and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


I have always thought it really takes a special someone to be a nurse. I haven’t been hospitalized much but people are really at their worst state when they are in the hospital. Nurses do a lot and we all know they don’t get much credit for it! They are a pill distributor, someone to calm the nerves a shoulder to cry on, etc etc. (the list really does go on and on). In all my stays in the hospital I remember the nurses the most. They are the ones that impact people’s lives the most. It’s amazing to me to think that you will be that person. You will be that nurse that people – literally – years later will think gosh I remember the one nurse  she held my hand through my entire surgery (5th grade I broke my hand and I had a nurse who did that).

There will be tough days and there will be great days. You’ll witness families who are grateful their loved ones made it to the hospital in time, families who are scared and you’ll witness death but at the end of the day you’ll still have to wake up and do it all over again tomorrow. It really puts my bad days at work in to perspective!

Have I said how proud of you I am? 🙂 All the late nights studying, the worrying after a test. I remember talking to you countless times on the phone before and after tests and you thinking man I really failed that one…when in reality you passed. I’ve never seen you go after something with so much passion in your life. To know my kids have such a beautiful, kind hearted person to look up to as they grow makes me so happy.

During your first few years of college you were headed down a rocky path just like a lot of kids. Because that what you were at that age a kid. To make such big life decisions out of high school can be hard for a lot of people. Like typical sisters we would share everything and I remember quite a few 13239965_10207931188135914_7189477458777472099_ntimes you’d start something with ‘don’t be mad’, or ‘don’t judge me.’ Sarah know that I’ve never been mad or judged you for making a decision in life that may have not been the best – but you learned from. That is what life is all about and I know you realize that now. We live and we learn – these sayings aren’t just out there for us to read they are real. If you don’t learn from your mistakes in life how are you going to ever really live. As you learn from those mistakes you saw what needed to be done and you did it. You gave your life purpose. And I’m so freaking P-R-O-U-D.13174228_10154199687041941_6300031828955808893_n

Nursing school gave you so many gifts the gift of being a nurse but so much more. You have a whole new group of friends that you can really relate to. You’ve all been through it together. But also that ability to stay up forever, take tests filled with tons of information all while being extremely exhausted, oh and trying to save people’s lives… And best of all, the gift of knowing – you – can – do – anything!

Now all that sappy stuff aside – Congrats! Congrats for graduating and getting through it all with a ‘big girl’ job waiting for you! Now good luck your NCLEX and can’t wait to be there for you during your BSN program 🙂

The real fun begins now –  just 24 days until we can really celebrate in Mexico!!

Love you baby sis!

Thanks for reading. God bless

XOXO- Christy
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