Happiness is… A fresh new haircut

We finally did it! The kids got their first hair cuts ever this evening. Ali being a girl I was fine waiting longer but her hair looks so much thicker now and healthier! Jake just needed a little trim before we do 1 year pictures this weekend. 

It was bittersweet getting their hair cuts. They needed them in the worst way- however it means they are growing up ever more! 😟

Jake went first and was a CHAMP! He sat in daddy’s lap and barely moved we even got some smiles out of him!  


 I didn’t get a very good final cut of him but it looks great!   

Ali also did great! She was scare a little at first but our hair dresser did great warming her up! She let her pick the color of comb and sit in the big girl booster and even were the penguins cape and everything. She did so great she even let her curl her hair at the end! Ali reminded us how good she did and asked for her sucker at the end – since she did so well!! 

We of course save some clippings for both kids and they’ll go in the baby book!! 

God Bless – Christy

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