Stay little – stay innocent 


This week I took Jake’s 50 week photo. I started doing weekly photos with Ali as we thought God was only going to bless us with one baby. So of course I wanted to track every waking moment. When Jake came along it seems only fitting to continue the tradition. Since their birthdays are 4 days and two years a part it’s awesome to see how much they look like each other at each milestone. 

It’s hard to believe in two short weeks I’ll have a 3 year old and 1 year old. Being a parent really makes you reflect and relate to your own parents knowing that they went through all the same milestones with you. 

Parenting isn’t easy but it definitely has its rewards that far out weigh the stressful moments. You are molding and teaching tiny humans and it’s the best. 

Each day I try to teach them more than I did the day before. I teach them to be unique and themselves. I can only hope they will continue to stay as carefree and confident as they are today and share the love. 

Each moment is precious – don’t take that for granted. 

God Bless – Christy

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