Happy V-Day

Hey all!  I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!! Normally Josh and I pick and choose when we exchange gifts for any of the gift exchanging days. Well this time around we decided to do so. I think we both were super successful this year! I always second guess myself in the gift purchasing department. 

This year Josh got me an engraved necklace with ‘Goose’ on it – this is one of his nicknames for me. This is something he started calling me just a few months into our relationship. It has nothing to do with Top Gun either :-).  I got Josh a Fitbit Charge. He has had the flex for a while now and has been happy with it. However, the Charge has a lot of neat features that will aid in our healthy, fitness lifestyle aaaannnd it’s pretty neat that it will flash phone calls, text messages etc. across the display. He is pretty tickled about it! So I would say a successful V-Day gifting for the both of us. 

We also enjoyed a super nice lazy Sunday with each other. Both kids took awesome naps and we just enjoyed each other’s company while the snow fell all day long. 

I hope V-Day treated you well! What’s one of your all time favorite V-Day gifts? ❤️

God Bless – Christy

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