Kids Nightly Bedtime Routines

Our family is a little nutty sometimes and it really comes through as I look at our nightly bedtime routine, mainly for Ali. However, I’m sure Jake will join in on the crazy soon enough!

After all the books have been read, teeth have been brushed and jammies are on its time to head to bed. Typically this is Josh’s thing. When Ali was born I worked nights and Josh put her to bed every evening. Most nights when I try to take Ali to bed she total freaks out and cries and throws a tantrum because she wants daddy to do it. So not worth it so I typically give her nightly kisses etc…, feed Jake his bottle and let Josh do the dirty work.

Monday night this week and tonight – on a roll with this girl – Ali let me put her to bed. No complaints nothing! She gives daddy her nightly kisses and starts to head up… bedtime routine starts…

1.’Get me mommy’ Ali says as she is running up the stairs and I proceed to say ‘Come here you’ in the Sully voice from Monster’s Inc. just like he says it to Boo at the end of the movie. Ali giggles and heads on up the rest of the way.

2. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits’ Ana, Elsa time!!!! bana nana na na naaaananana a little song Josh made up one night and she continues to sing it after we yell ‘Its Ana, Elsa time’ because she has a little Ana, Elsa light that projects them on the ceiling. (Courtesy of Grandma & Grandpa of course)

3.  She hops in her bed and gets her ‘buddies’ in place Joy on one side and Sadness on the other (From Inside out – she was upgraded at Christmas time to a big girl twin size bed with Inside out sheets and Joy and Sadness dolls. Some nights she has to tell Joy to stop jumping on the bed, or pick Sadness up because she’s fallen out of the bed – most likely because shes just Sad 🙂

4. Ali is great at reminding me / us to ‘tuck her feet’. She’s just like her mom in this case where she likes to have a little pocket made with her blankets around her feet to make sure they are nice and toasty all night.

5. Now its my turn for my nightly kisses….they go as such…

Hug, squeeze, kiss, uga muga (which is like the nose to nose kisses from Daniel Tiger) after all that…

Me: goodnight

Alice: goodnight
me: sweet dreams
Ali: sweet dreams.
Me: love you
Ali: love you
Me: love you more
Ali: take a shower 🙂
Me: laughs
Ali: you stink…:)

After this I laugh again and close the door behind me telling her I love her again and sweet dreams.

She tells Josh or I this every night. Not a clue why or where she came up with it! Shes such a silly little girl and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know I’m going to be super sad the day she doesn’t want to do any of that any more!

Jake on the other hand after he’s had his bottle and ready to lay down I give him little smooches on his cheek until I see that big smile behind his pacifier and then he gets to head on up to his crib himself. Then we pray the little guy sleeps all night – which he’s typically good at that but he has his nights!

What are your bed time routines with your little ones? Are we super crazy or what? 🙂

Thank you for reading – God bless – Christy.

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