Holiday Season Reflections – The season of Giving & Thankfulness

As things really start to pick up at work I like to sit back and remind myself why I do this and what I’m grateful for. Because its so easy to see all the hatred and negativity when its in my face all day at work – I work for a major retailer and this is literally our ‘super bowl’.

I’ve been with my company for 10 years (just got my new plaque in the mail!). Every year there is some new challenge / fire to put out. Its easy to dive down the hole of negativity and – whose doing their fair share – finger pointing – blame game etc. etc.  Really who cares? Worry about yourself!

Yeah it stinks that I have to work extra hours to get my normal things done because I’m helping with the holiday rush all day. However this is the name of the game – I’m not new, this isn’t my first rodeo. I pull up my boot straps and do it – with little complaints. I wont lie- I might have a few remarks here and there – but no one is perfect.

One thing I’m really grateful this year is the ability to work from home – I can put in more hours without it affecting my family as much. Wake up early before the kids are up or log on after they go to bed.  Its also a perk to jam to my favorite Christmas music while rocking through the queues.

This year instead of complaining, or wondering if everyone’s doing their fair share I’m very thankful. Thankful for a job that keeps me busy, thankful we have job security when there is at least one season of the year we know we’ll be profitable. Thankful for my work ethic – someday I catch myself at 2:00 and I haven’t even gotten up for lunch yet (lunch is normally 11:30 for me). A lot of people ask me how I stay focused working at home – I’m not sure how I would have time to loose focus when there is so much to get done!

Most of all I’m grateful for my family, the roof over my head, and the close extended family I have. Some of my cousins are my best friends and aunts and uncles I view as 2nd parents. Some people can’t say they are blessed with such great extended families.  I’m also grateful for my parents. For teaching me all that I’ve learned in life right from wrong and most importantly that life is not fair (Dad). I’d have to say I got my stubbornness from my dad and my ability to see the good in any one from my mom – Also my need to always want to give back from both of my parents. (Thank you both of you).

So this year Josh and I would like to give back – we will be donating the funds we normally use to send greeting cards to a family in need. This family is unable to give their kids and themselves much for Christmas. Josh and I had planned to donate these funds to a food pantry or another non profit, however my extended family has rallied together to make someone’s Christmas special – this is something we did last year as well and hope to continue. Nothing beats the smiles on peoples faces / joy in their heart when you give.

So I leave you with this  – life isn’t fair that’s why we need to give back, give to those who can’t afford to give back. Someday you might be the person in need and hope someone is kind enough to give to you. Don’t expect anything in return. If you don’t feel enough thanks by just giving to other people – then you’re doing it wrong.

Remember the reason of the season.




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