Advocare changed our lives

That’s right…Advocare changed our lives. I know that is a pretty bold statement, bold and true. (Keep reading for before & after pics)


My cousins had introduced me to Advocare a while back and I have used a few of the products and tried a 24 day challenge but wasn’t very serious about it. I told Josh for Mothers day this year I wanted a 24 day challenge and for him to do it with me, for the support.

Jumping back to when I was pregnant with Ali I lost a ton of weight. I was very sick and had gestational diabetes so I was forced to watch my portions. I typically ate healthy just ate way to much portion sizes. After Ali was born I gained that all back and some! I was at my heaviest which I’m pretty embarrassed to share that number. Baby number 2 came along and same story – sick all the time and gestational diabetic – and lost 15 pounds or so.

I told myself this time I’m going to keep that off and keep going. I breastfed for 6 weeks which helped but had to stop due to low supply caused by my PCOS. (Believe me I tried everything even prescription meds. It was a very hard decision to stop breastfeeding but it was best for my kids and family.) I knew I needed some motivation to keep going – which is why I asked for the challenge for mothers day.

Fast forward to June 1st 2015. First day back to work from maternity leave and 1st day of our 24 day challenge. We meal prepped and planned everything out for the first 10 days. We were ready to make a difference in our life! It was easy at times and hard at times. We did it in June during the middle of graduation and wedding season. I had packed my own meals for some bridal showers and grad parties just in case there wasn’t something ‘Challenge approved’ on the menu.

We did GREAT! The advice we received before we started was take pictures and don’t cheat.  Our 5 year wedding anniversary was right in the middle of the challenge and we went out to eat. We made very smart choices even then and it was easy for us! It really is easy to make smart meal choices even eating out just by looking at the menu and watching your calorie intake.

Our favorite products from the challenge and some Advocare products we continue to use today are: Spark, MNS packets, catalyst, meal replacement shakes, snack bars and joint promotion. (To name a few – we have an area just dedicated to our Advocare stash!). We loved it so much we signed up to be distributors, it just made sense with the amount we were purchasing each month. Now we have completed two challenges and working out more than we ever did before. I’m running and biking, Josh is biking and we both are doing Advocare work out videos. For any one who knows us we weren’t people who did much of that before 🙂

We are excited for what the future holds but even more excited to continue our future with this healthy lifestyle we’ve adapted

A picture is worth a 1000 words. We have more goals to achieve but proud of our progress!

JoshB&Ajunetonov2015 ChristyB&AJunetonov2015

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