Snuza Snafu


Hey All!

These are my two babies that keep my life oh so busy!

So as I mentioned in my first post Josh and I struggled with infertility for 2 years while we tried for our first baby. Once we found out we were pregnant I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. Oh crap – was this really what we wanted – now I wanted to put this little baby in a bubble and didn’t want anything to ever happen to her, as any mother feels.

One peace of mind I had was shared by an acquaintance and Facebook friend of mine whom went through a tragedy herself and was struck with the loss of a child due to SIDS.  She was blessed with more children and I can only imagine the weight on her shoulders of how she was going to keep them safe. One day I noticed a post of hers stating that she uses the Snuza Hero movement monitor. I was able to find this product at Babies R’ US and quickly registered for it. Since I have such a large and wonderful family I luckily received this for my baby shower. This sleep monitor is really handy and easy to use it slips on to the baby’s diaper and  provides vibration stimulation after 15 seconds of no movement and then an audible alarm after 20 seconds of no movement.

Fast forward 2 years I now use the same Snuza for baby Jake.  Unfortunately, with any piece of technology there are a few glitches and mishaps from time to time. Sometimes the monitor goes off when all is well – which can really freak you out in the middle of the night!


Jake is 7 months old now and this whole time we haven’t had the monitor go off once. Well the other night I was tossing and turning most the night and felt like I was waking up every 2 seconds. When I finally felt like I had fallen asleep I hear this faint beeping noise thinking what the heck is that?! I immediately thought of his monitor and grabbed the baby monitor and turned up the sound and my fears were confirmed – this was his Snuza monitor going off! I threw the baby monitor down and ran out of the room – mean while Josh sits up in bed wondering what the heck is going on!

As I get in to Jake’s room hes rolled over on to his stomach (still in his Halo sleeper sack) and hes wiggled his hands up to his mouth chewing on his fingers.  Immediately relieved I rolled him over to get the huge smile from him you see in the picture above. Hes fine – breathe – I fixed his Snuza and stopped the alarm and wrap him back up and leave him to fall back asleep. (Side note: the Snuza it’s self had wriggled up his diaper a bit and had almost fallen off so it wasn’t sitting on him accurately thus causing the alarm to go off.)



As I lay back down to fall asleep several moments go by and I realize its just going to be one of those nights where I’m not going to get any sleep!  Most nights that Snuza lets me sleep with peace of mind and I know I’ll be notified if something happens.  This night it had me worried the rest of the night!

However with the peace of mind knowing I will wake up to these two goof balls in the morning – I’ll take the chance of an unnecessary alarm!

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